How we made it personal

High-tech safes deserve a digital consumer experience to match

How it connected

58% increase in sales revenue

Creating the best place to buy a safe.

How do people go about buying a safe? Do they go to a sporting goods store, a home improvement store, a big box store, an online retailer...? Turns out, most start by Googling "best safes." From there, some ended up at

At the SentrySafe website, they could compare products, use the Safe Selector tool and even get product support. But to buy, customers had to visit a preferred retailer. And each retailer only carried a portion of the full product line. Point being, there was no perfect place to buy a safe.

To turn SentrySafe into a safe-buying go-to and create a smoother path to purchase, we set out to build them a completely integrated ecommerce platform that was as modern and sophisticated as their security solutions.


Increasing business by changing the business.

We helped SentrySafe balance the relationships they had with preferred retailers while building out a direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales model that allowed consumers to buy directly from the website. This gave them more control over the consumer journey before, during and after purchase. We also tracked and reported leads from other retailers, boosted awareness with search engine marketing and drove engagement through a robust email marketing automation program.


Sales Revenue


Email Open Rate


YOY Conversion Rate

The right combination of messaging.

We found that, when people start researching safes, they're ready to make a purchase. To harness that lower-funnel activity and drive purchase on the new ecommerce platform, we built awareness through paid search by targeting safe shoppers with sales and savings on the SentrySafe site. These ads simultaneously drove awareness for SentrySafe as a shopping destination and led directly to conversion.


By using the contact info acquired through on-site sales, newsletter sign-ups and lead tracking, we developed a comprehensive, marketing automated program that helped SentrySafe stay connected with consumers post purchase and drive continuous engagement.

Better customer relationships. Better business.

This has improved customer success in setting up their safes, reduced support calls, decreased returns and kept SentrySafe top-of-mind when people need to purchase an additional safe.

The numbers say it all

By revamping every part of the customer journey, we were able to optimize conversions at every step along the way. Our paid search drove a 122% increase in conversion rates and a 245% increase in targeted leads over the previous year. What’s more, it did this while decreasing the cost per lead by 32%.

Since launch, the online store has successfully driven DTC transactions while helping to increase email subscribers by nearly 4 times in the first year alone. Emails in the marketing automation program even saw an astounding 35% open rate—nearly double the medium’s average.

Put all this together, and the effort generated a 58% rise in sales revenue.